About Us

We seek opportunities strategically aligned with our current business and investments.

We've been on your side of the table. We are serial entrepreneurs ourselves. Since 1999 our leadership team has launched 2 explosive growth companies in Tradebot Systems and BATS Trading.

Execution is everything. Ideas alone are worthless. -Dave Cummings

We believe "execution is everything," and ideas alone are worthless. It takes a top-notch team to build a solid business. We care more about aptitude than experience.

We are aggressive, nimble, and make quick decisions. We have strong opinions, and are not afraid to be direct. "Tough love" and "honest debates" are more productive than cordial nicety followed by lengthy indecision.

We prefer to maintain focus and work toward dominating a niche. We are not afraid to take on incumbents with ultra-aggressive pricing.

We believe entrepreneurs should be paid a fair wage while they are pursuing their dreams. We prefer annual cash bonuses rather than over-reliance on stock option lottery tickets.

We do not invest in businesses we would not be proud to own. We look for companies that treat their customers well. We create good, high paying jobs.

Do you have what it takes? If so, check out our submission process or career opportunities.

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